How to Appoint Officers in a Corporation

By: Chelsea Boozer

        When appointing officers in business incorporations the Board of Directors will want to make sure they select the most competent people for their corporation.  Generally, a corporation is required to have a president, treasurer, and secretary.  However, you can select an unlimited amount of officials in your corporation, and they do not have to be shareholders, though they can be.  In fact, a single individual can hold all officer roles of the business incorporation.

Here is a checklist the Board of Directors will want to review while evaluating submitted applications for an officer position:

1.  Qualifications

  • Has the contender in question completed the adequate education level required for an officer position? Do they have the qualifications needed to complete the responsibilities of the role?

2.  Interest

  • Is the applicant passionate about your corporation, and will they view their officer position as a vital part of their job? Can they handle the pressure to succeed that often associates itself with persons in a demanding role?

3.  Experience

  • Has the candidate ever held an officer position before? Can references verify the candidate’s history of dependability? How much experience does the candidate have?

4.  Loyalty

  • Has the person in question proven their commitment to your corporation?  Do they have a strong work ethic and a get-the-job-done mentality?

5.  Flexibility

  • Is there room for flexibility in the applicant’s schedule?  Will they be able to handle the long hours and significant amount of travel involved with the position?

6.  Personality

  • Is the interviewee able to communicate both physically and electronically?  Do they have a warm, welcoming, and friendly vibe when working with the customers?  Do they know how to be firm in decisions as well as cooperate when working with other businesses or co-workers?

After the Board of Directors has selected officers for your business incorporation they will need to compose a form often called Board Resolution Appointing Officers.  This form is signed by the persons being elected into office and is corporate documentation stating that those persons commit to hold their office until they are unable to do so or are removed from office by the Board.    Upon signing this form, the persons are immediately appointed and must begin their duties.  The form also states that any prior actions of the new officers are now ratified as deeds of the corporation.

Once the selection of your business incorporation’s officers is final, the Board of Directors will want to work closely with them and check on them periodically.  You want to give the officers in your corporation a feeling of community and you want them to know they will be able to rely on your Board of Directors and other executives.  Officer positions within a corporation are highly competitive, and applicants spend much effort applying for the role.  An equal amount of effort should be spent choosing the best person for an officer position in your business incorporation and the correct Board Resolution Appointing Officers form should be signed and filed for corporate record.

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